What a Bad Hire Costs You

What a Bad Hire Costs You

Putting a true figure to a bad hire has many variables per company. Here are some things to consider in your average hire, run the figures in your head on the time spent:

  • Creating job title, responsibilities and compensation package.
  • Writing job description, finding appropriate avenues for advertising and submitting job.
  • Answering all questions both via phone and email for said job.
  • Receiving, printing, scanning, organizing all resumes.
  • Reviewing resumes and setting aside first round of applicants to interview.
  • Contacting all applicants and setting aside interview times with them and staff.
  • Developing another list of applicants to re-interview for second round.
  • Contacting second round applicants and setting aside interview times with them and staff.
  • Reference checks for top candidates.
  • Extending top candidate an offer.
  • Writing and sending rejection letters to all who interviewed.

The list is long and exhausting even when you are met with a successful outcome.

Now consider an outcome of a bad hire, you may need to repeat this process time and time again. However, there are other opportunities for better use of time, such as hiring a staffing company like Avalon Staffing Solutions http://www.avalonstaffingsolutions.com/. If you choose to hire a staffing company, they will allow you to refocus your energies on your job, the administrative responsibilities go to them, the writing, creating, advertising, initial screening, those time suck responsibilities are off your plate and onto the plate of the professionals who time manage well.

A staffing company has the resources to seek out and find better quality applicants. There are many situations in which the best people are already employed. The perfect person for your company may not have time to look for another job or may be concerned about confidentiality. A staffing company, like Avalon Staffing Solutions http://www.avalonstaffingsolutions.com/, can place candidates more quickly; they have access to vast pools of candidates that may be a perfect fit for the position you’re looking to fill as well as contacts within the industry that will allow them to seek out your next employee.

You need time to do your job well, the right staffing agency will be able to allow this vacancy to have little disruption in both your day and more importantly your employees. Bad hires can be an entire company distraction, the department that a bad hire comes from, the hiring manager, additional staff and yourself. Let the experts find your next employee seamlessly and effectively the first time.

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