Branding “You” In The Job Market

Branding “You” In The Job Market

You’ve heard the term branding but it usually isn’t something one worries about personally. McDonald’s, Adidas, North Face, Intel, Facebook, we know so many brands because companies work really hard to have us keep their brand top of mind. In this day and age of mass branding, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we need to brand ourselves, a personal brand if we are in the job market. Creating a brand through LinkedIn, your resume, Facebook, your blogs and any other social media are crucial in standing out amongst the masses. Here are some basic steps to begin along the branding path:

1.) Create your brand, what drives you, motivates you, what do you bring to the table? Take all of that and roll it into a very clear, concise and direct message that tells everyone who you are, what you can bring to the team and that you are ready to play.

a. Identify your strengths, talk to your mentors and see what they feel your strengths are and combine them.

b. Analyze what sets you apart from others in your industry. Expound upon those features to create your brand. Include things that you’ve done that make you proud, make you smile, simply make you feel good.

c. Create a list of statements that describe who you are, it’s your branding statement. Start with just a few sentences and condense from there. The goal when complete, is to have a concise statement of who you are and what you bring to the table, what makes you a rock star applicant.

2.) Once you have created your personal brand – be your personal brand.

a. Look the part, believe you are what you say you are and live the part. Buy some new clothes to fit your brand, make sure your accessories and your hairstyle match the brand.

b. Look over your resume, cover letter, ALL social media and tweak everything to be in sync with your new brand message. This may also be a great time to create a professional email account – maybe use something witty that relates to your brand. Cohesiveness is key.

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