Keeping Your Data Private

The popularity and adaption of the internet in our daily lives has left us vulnerable. Social media, blogging, vlogging and other such activities have almost diminished our privacy. Our habit of oversharing has made it easier for hackers and data thieves to misuse and exploit our identities for their personal benefit. In the previous year [...]

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Big Data – How Data Is Driving Business

In this digital age, businesses are often overwhelmed by the amount of data that is available for them to use. However, deriving actionable insights from that data and becoming a data-driven company is easier said than done. What does data-driven business mean? Data-driven business is a business that utilizes data to gain meaningful insights to [...]

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Python’s Rise – Why Python is taking over

Python- a programming language that proves to be simple and easy to use with a syntax similar to English Language, has grown and evolved to one of the most widely used languages in the diverse field of programming in the millennial era. In fact, according to a statistics report, Python topped the IEEE Spectrum’s list [...]

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Project Management Methodologies

Project Management Office (PMO) is a group or department within a business or enterprise that not only defines but also maintains standards for a project in an organization. It is the application of different processes and methods with the right skills and experience in which knowledge plays the vital role to achieve goals of the [...]

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Why Is PMO Important To An Organization?

Project management office, PMO in short, is gaining a lot of popularity in modern business culture, gravitating many enterprises towards itself, especially those working on high volume and complex projects. But what really is PMO? And is it important for your organization? Let’s find out! What is PMO? PMO can be defined as an organizational [...]

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Stuck in your career? Here are 5 steps to get you unstuck

You’ve graduated, secured the first job out of school, which may have opened the door to a second job that has been a better fit or pays better. Are you sitting in a cubicle with golden handcuffs, or has your job evolution led you down a significantly different path than you were envisioning in school? [...]

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Five questions you should ask a staffing agency before hiring them

Attracting top talent is a time consuming, full time job. If you have the resources to do in house recruiting, you know that the struggle is real. If you are a start up or small shop, it’s not feasible. Working with a staffing agency is a cost effective and time/money saving option to attract, recruit [...]

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San Francisco Bay Area job market boom, is the impact worth the gain?

Dot coms entered the west coast scene in 1995 and grew exorbitantly until 2001 when the bubble burst. However, the tech scene was brewing in the Bay Area, attracting companies like eBay, Yahoo and Google. Their foothold in Silicon Valley created unprecedented growth in the area. However, as more and more tech companies flock to [...]

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