How to Staff Open Jobs, The Struggle is Real

Having open jobs for an extended period of time places a real strain on your company and added work for your employees. The same job posted for months or reposted makes candidates leery and therefore they may not apply (although highly qualified). Why are you having a hard time filling this position? Ask yourself these [...]

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Terms of use changes on the horizon in an effort to protect privacy? Not always.

Your inbox may be flooded with a recent explosion of emails stating things like, “Changes in terms of use”. Facebook is a social media trailblazer, in being such, their wins and losses are learning curves shared by society as a whole. Their most recent learning curve happened a few weeks ago with Cambridge Analytica and [...]

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What a staffing agency can do for your company

Every person within your company has a title that indicates what they do: lawyers keep you legal, accountants, well, they keep you legal but they also crunch your numbers, IT keeps your servers running and your computers functioning. What about a staffing agency, what can they do for you? They can find you people, that’s [...]

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How Secure is Your Security?

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica This is a hot topic thanks in part to Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and his recent transgressions with Cambridge Analytica. The pink haired whistle blower and former Cambridge Analytica lead engineer, Christopher Wylie, shares his involvement and the sketchy, shady and manipulative actions taken by the Trump campaign to win the election; [...]

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Are Remote Employees the Best Option for Your Company?

Marissa Mayer rocked the boat when she became top dog at Yahoo! requiring remote employees to no longer be, well, remote. If they wanted to keep employment, they had to return to their cubicles, just when the concept was really starting to take shape for companies like Amazon, Yahoo! and Google. It was not only [...]

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How to Effectively Use Social Media to Recruit Top Talent

Facebook, LinkedIn, you’ve heard of them, you’ve used them but have you had the opportunity to use them effectively to target top talent? Here are some strategies to use social media to attract your next employee. Create a social media strategy: every great plan begins with a brilliant strategy. Create a game plan on how [...]

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Recruiting Tips: How to Shorten the Hiring Process

When you realize you need to add staff or an employee quits, that gap or loss requires other employees to pick up the workload. It’s a perilous position, extra work added to an already hardworking staff, it could lead to more employees quitting. Your goal is to hire quickly and effectively and with these suggestions [...]

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TED Talks Every Recruiter and Hiring Manager Must Watch

Celeste Headlee: 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation In a vastly divided society, Headlee shares 10 useful guidelines for having better conversations in a predominately electronic society, how to talk, even better, how to listen. Regina Hartley: Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume Hartley knows from experience that adversity [...]

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Why you should outsource your payroll processing, today

Payroll is a necessary non-core part of your business, meaning it has to get done, yet does not generate revenue. When time is spent on non-core activities within your company, revenue is not being generated. Let’s imagine that your payroll department consists of two people: what happens if they both catch the flu and are [...]

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Top Career and Job Blogs to Follow in 2018

Penelope Trunk Penelope has such a fresh perspective on choosing your career or changing your job. She’s honest and open about her own successes and failures and reading her blogs, makes you feel like you are not alone in this crazy world of job searching. Jobscan Offers some really useful tips on how to job [...]

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