How to Respectfully Handle Holiday Vacation Requests

Tis the season of holidays from now till the middle of January; there are at least six holidays that take place in December alone! How do you account for vacations, PTO or holiday leave with your entire staff? Here are some tips to alleviate the demand and avoid ruining someone’s holiday. 1.) Open Communication: Let [...]

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Expediting The Interview Process: Saving Time And Money

You have a position that needs to be filled, usually by the time there is either a vacancy or a need for a new position, there is a great sense of immediacy. However, finding the perfect candidate who will be able to perform the tasks at hand and fit well with the team takes some [...]

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Fatal Mistakes To Avoid During An Interview

So many times mistakes are made during the interview process, unless they are HUGE, it’s all about poise and recovery. If they are huge, they will need quite a bit more than just poise and recovery. Avoid these interview mistakes at all cost: 1.) Nerves. We all have them, it’s an intense situation and we [...]

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Branding “You” In The Job Market

You’ve heard the term branding but it usually isn’t something one worries about personally. McDonald’s, Adidas, North Face, Intel, Facebook, we know so many brands because companies work really hard to have us keep their brand top of mind. In this day and age of mass branding, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we [...]

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How To Recover From A Botched Interview

We’ve all walked out of an interview with a gut wrenching feeling that we have just bombed it. Maybe there were questions you just weren’t prepared for, maybe your clumsy alter ego showed up in full force, maybe you were terribly late or said the wrong thing to the wrong person. There are many factors [...]

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Vacation Days, PTO and Unlimited, What Are The Differences

There are 168 hours in week, you sleep about 49 hours (if you’re lucky), give 40 hours+ to your employer which leaves you with about 11 hours a day (not including the time to get ready for work, prepare your meals, eat your meals, commute, drop off and pick up kiddos etc.) In short, your [...]

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How To Deal With Workplace Conflict

There will always be conflict in the workplace as long as there is more than one person employed. Conflict is a distraction that makes employees unproductive and negativity breeds negativity so this needs to be nipped in the bud right away. Bringing groups of individuals together, asking them to do their best, pushing them to [...]

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