How to Climb the Corporate Ladder

How to Climb the Corporate Ladder

Here are five steps you can take in your career that will help you rise above your colleagues and get noticed by management:

1.) Make a career plan: decide where you’d like to be in five years, ten years and strategize on how you are going to get there. Will you be with the same company? Is there room for you to move up? Do you need further education/training to get there? Find some mentors either within your company or on the outside that you can turn to for career guidance and honest gut checks on how you are accomplishing your goals. While on your path, keep a tally of your successes handy, they will be useful for your resume, LinkedIn profile, or to simply have in your back pocket.

2.) Be an innovator: if you have found a need within your company, a problem that could be solved, a solution to save money, make money or get a leg up on competition, put thought into it, think like a CEO and put a strategy in place along with a killer proposal. Present the idea to management and see where things go from there. Worst-case scenario, they say no thank you, but yet you are still on their radar; best case, they love the idea and implement it so even the worst case is good.

3.) Get involved: jump into opportunities that will get you noticed. Take challenges that go above and beyond your job description. Some examples: leadership training, volunteer opportunities that are near and dear to management. This exercise in saying, “yes” will help your career grow, you will learn more about the company and also expand your network of contacts – all good things for your career.

4.) Expand your contacts through networking: stay on the radar of other career influentials, you may be climbing a ladder, but it may not be within your current company. Become involved in other philanthropic organizations that are important to you and/or business organizations that will either help you grow your professional network or help you in your current job.

5.) Become relied upon: be a mentor or a valuable asset to your team/department. Be the person people turn to for answers and help out others who are either struggling or just starting out, not only are you paying it forward (a good thing for your soul) you are helping to brand who you are to management.

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