Expediting The Interview Process: Saving Time And Money

Expediting The Interview Process: Saving Time And Money

You have a position that needs to be filled, usually by the time there is either a vacancy or a need for a new position, there is a great sense of immediacy. However, finding the perfect candidate who will be able to perform the tasks at hand and fit well with the team takes some time. If you have game plan in place from recruitment to hire, your process will go quicker and in the end, be the most effective for your business.

If you are a seasoned manager, having hired many employees over the years, you may feel as though you can hire and place simply on the fly, it’s worked in the past…or has it? Has there been attrition in the employees you’ve hired? Are they the best fit for the jobs they perform? Here are some things to think about and put in place when you are looking to fill a position.

Put a game plan in place. Who will head up the recruitment of the position? Who will be the initial point person for potential candidates to contact? If you have a hiring manager or a staffing agency, they will take care of these first two steps and from there, head up the initial interviews (usually by phone to save time and weed out unqualified candidates). Next, the top candidates will meet with you and by this point, you will have had a chance to really study their resume, prepare questions for them and check social media and LinkedIn to ensure they aren’t truly hiding a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde complex. When preparing questions, be sure they are open-ended and can’t simply be answered with a yes or no. You could have general questions to ask all candidates but be sure to limit those and really ask the questions that will reveal if this candidate will be a good fit for the position, team and company.

This is after all a process for both parties and will take time away from your immediate job as well as money until that position is filled. An easier way to alleviate the first half of the process is to hire a staffing agency to lighten the hiring burden. They are well connected within their industries and have the staff to perform most of the heavy lifting, even job description writing. It’s something to consider when you are short on time and short staffed.

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