Fatal Mistakes To Avoid During An Interview

Fatal Mistakes To Avoid During An Interview

So many times mistakes are made during the interview process, unless they are HUGE, it’s all about poise and recovery. If they are huge, they will need quite a bit more than just poise and recovery. Avoid these interview mistakes at all cost:

1.) Nerves. We all have them, it’s an intense situation and we all do our best to keep our nervous ticks and blatant blushing hidden. The nerves you never want to show are the loud, obnoxious laughs, stuttering/stammering, inability to make eye contact, profuse sweating and the incessant fidgeting.

2.) Clothing. There are so many ways to dress for an interview and wardrobe malfunctions have been known to happen; this is more along the lines of, showing WAY too much skin (for both sexes) and dressing like a bum. Even the thriftiest of shoppers can pull together an ensemble that would pass many employers dress codes. Cover what your mama gave ‘ya and dress the part.

3.) Check, check, checking. Wear a watch as an accessory and as a tool to get you to the interview on time but don’t look at your watch during an interview. Any glance will make your interviewer feel that you have better places to be, more important things to do. If you are in a time crunch, that should be said when the interview is set. The same goes for your phone or any electronic device. Turn the volume off and store it till after your interview.

4.) Say what? It doesn’t matter if you are applying for burger flipper or CEO of a multi-million dollar company, if you speak unprofessionally during an interview, you won’t get the job. Unprofessionally can mean slanderous, malicious, racist, xenophobic, chauvinistic and those are the big ones to avoid but simply using poor English or cursing will also end your chances for the position.

5.) Lies, lies and more lies. If you lie, cheat or exaggerate during your interviews, you will get caught, one way or another it will come out and serious repercussions will take place. Do not say you were in charge of something when really you were just the mailroom clerk or the coffee runner. Exaggerating and lying will get you into more trouble than just simply telling the truth and finding ways to highlight your strengths.

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