How Secure is Your Security?

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

This is a hot topic thanks in part to Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and his recent transgressions with Cambridge Analytica. The pink haired whistle blower and former Cambridge Analytica lead engineer, Christopher Wylie, shares his involvement and the sketchy, shady and manipulative actions taken by the Trump campaign to win the election; it makes you feel uneasy and gives you the urge to close out all of your social media accounts yet leaves you in a conundrum, how to stay connected with all of your contacts?

The Guardian had a great interview with Wylie a few weeks ago, where Wylie talks about the creation of Cambridge Analytica, how funding was generated and the quantity of data obtained from 270,000 unsuspecting Facebook users that then multiplied to 50 million users over the course of a few months simply by installing an app. You can watch the interview here:

What is being shared?

People are now racing to their phones to see what personal data is being shared and with whom. IFLScience just recently posted a “how to” on being in the know on the apps that are tracking your every move and how to block them. Clearly a hot topic considering this article, posted on March 21, 2018, already has 152,500 shares.

How To See And Block All The Apps Tracking You On Facebook


Policy makers in America want answers and certainly new legislation will be formed from this incident, however, across the pond, steps to protect privacy for all citizens within the European Union go into effect on May 25, 2018 (two years after the initial adoption). The General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR) (EU) aims to give control back to the citizens of EU when it comes to their personal data. Non-compliance may cost companies a great deal of money, something like the campaign tampering done by Cambridge Analytica would never happen without significant financial penalties. Here are some tips on how to prepare for GDPR.

Five Steps to GDPR Compliance

5 steps to sustainable GDPR compliance

Security is top of mind for users and companies alike, and as we share more online, security will become one of the most high demand jobs. Is it time for a career change?