How to Staff Open Jobs, The Struggle is Real

Having open jobs for an extended period of time places a real strain on your company and added work for your employees. The same job posted for months or reposted makes candidates leery and therefore they may not apply (although highly qualified).

Why are you having a hard time filling this position? Ask yourself these questions:

1.) What does the job title say? If it’s too stuffy or quirky or filled with jargon, you are going to have a hard time catching candidate’s eyes to read the job description let alone motivate them to apply. Keep it simple and accurately describe their position: Customer Service, Sales, Help Desk, Accountant. You can read more job descriptions from this blog we wrote about mumbo jumbo in job descriptions.

2.) How well does the job description read? Is it too thorough? Not detailed enough? Does it read like stereo instructions or make you feel like you need a doctorate to fill the qualifications? Make sure the job description itself is light, a little about the company, include the core requirements of the job, and finish with a little about what your company can offer candidates. writing effective job descriptions is an article that can help you write an effective job description.

3.) Where are you advertising this job opening? If you are posting on social media, the internet, local job boards you do so effectively and adhere to that site’s nuances all while using social media etiquette. We’ve written articles on this topic that you may find helpful.

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4.) Lastly, consider working with a recruiter. It is their responsibility to attract, search and screen applicants to fill your positions. Their connections run deep and in many cases are the hard to find applicants that haven’t been actively searching for a new job….and your opening is perfect for them. Here are some articles that may interest you on this particular topic.

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