Maintain Employee Motivation With These 5 Tips

Summer can be a tough time when you are managing vacationing, distracted and unmotivated employees. Vacations are abound, weather is many times nicer than it has been all year long and family commitments are higher than any other time of the year. With the right tools in place, you will be able to stay on track and keep your team motivated.

1.) Hours. A simple change in hours or schedules may be just what your team needs to stay motivated; a healthy work/life balance can take place with some minor adjustments. Consider allowing employees to leave early on Friday’s or have flexible summer hours (start 2 hours early, end 2 hours early or vice versa with starting late) or if you can configure it, implement a 4 day work week from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

2.) Outdoors. The simplest way to get team members in a better mood is to have your staff meetings outdoors. A healthy dose of Vitamin D, birds chirping and flowers blooming can turn any mundane meeting around.

3.) Attire. Stuffy work clothes can be stifling in the summer. Consider leniency, allow short suits or informal skirts, allowing no tie days would relax things a little too. Although theme days aren’t for everyone, some employees love the opportunity to bust out their Hawaiian garb or favorite sports team.

4.) Team building. Since many employees opt to save vacation for the summer, projects may take a little longer to complete with key employees on vacation. Keep the team motivated by sponsoring a happy hour, BBQ or even an ice cream social. If food and alcohol are too tricky to organize, consider sponsoring and, if you are so ambitious, organizing a team sport – maybe sponsored by your company with the post game pitchers paid for by the company.

5.) Outings. It may be the most expensive, however, a few phone calls and arrangements can be made to take your employees, maybe even their families, to a sporting event, local baseball game or Major League game, it’s your call. Cater to them and help them feel like their time and dedication is important to you. On a larger scale, consider a company picnic to ensure families are included.