Why you should outsource your payroll processing, today

Why you should outsource your payroll processing, today

Payroll is a necessary non-core part of your business, meaning it has to get done, yet does not generate revenue. When time is spent on non-core activities within your company, revenue is not being generated. Let’s imagine that your payroll department consists of two people: what happens if they both catch the flu and are out sick or one is on family leave and the other is in an accident? These scenarios are not that far fetched and can significantly (and negatively) impact your business.

Outsourcing payroll may require effort up front, however, it is the best decision you will make for your company. Exceptional outsourced payroll processors can easily help you stay compliant with ever-changing Federal, State and Local taxes. Fines for mistakes can severely hurt your bottom line, not to mention diverting time away from your core responsibilities.

Payroll processing firms can also provide you with experts available to answer questions, make suggestions or provide new technologies that complete the process more efficiently and effectively. This is a no-brainer to save time and money and cover all of your bases in running a compliant company.

Here are some hints for choosing a payroll processing firm:

  • Evaluate their pricing structure. After you have assed what you need, go shopping and get some quotes. The lowest price isn’t always the best choice; make sure they are comparable to the competition in your market.
  • Ask for recommendations from other business owners, word of mouth and a trusted reputation is key. Research reviews of the company and conduct “interviews” of the various companies.
  • What are the additional services they provide? Make sure everything is upfront and there is additional value provided.
  • Ask questions about their security as well as integrity. You are entrusting them with your employee’s valuable information. Security breaches are not acceptable and you want upstanding people working with your employee’s information.
  • Lastly, what kind of technology advancements can they provide? Technology is always changing and the basics are a necessity. How are they going to help you do your job better?
  • Avalon Staffing Solutions http://www.avalonstaffingsolutions.com/payroll/ is a reputable firm in the Bay Area specializing in streamlining payroll processes and completing accurate tax filings as well as direct deposit for employees. Contact them today with your payroll processing questions and needs.
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