Python- a programming language that proves to be simple and easy to use with a syntax similar to English Language, has grown and evolved to one of the most widely used languages in the diverse field of programming in the millennial era.
In fact, according to a statistics report, Python topped the IEEE Spectrum’s list of the top programming languages in 2017. Python also won the best programming language by the Linux Journal Readers’ Choice award 2018. But how does Python prove to be a better programming language? Let’s take a look.

How Python is a better programming language?

1- Python is a language that has breached to what was thought to be a limit for programming languages. On one hand, PHP was developed as a web-oriented language that came along with a single semantic point of entry but thanks to the versatility of Python, it is applicable for web development as well.

2- The syntax provided at Python was simple and effective. Java requires specific and explicit affirmation of variables, whereas Python is free of such requirements.

3- C#, although widely used as a programming language on a large-scale basis, still requires some basic rules. While a programmer is writing a language, he/she has to write the codes wrapped in exact brackets to successfully execute a program whereas, in Python, there are no such rules. Instead, Python uses a shift that not only makes the execution of a program simpler but also makes the code looks much neater and hence easier to understand.

4- Unlike other programming languages, Python has a single approach that makes the language easier to use.

The simple architecture and easy to learn features make the Python one of the leaders when it comes to programming languages. Almost 8 out of every 10 computer science departments are now using Python to demonstrate coding.
Considering the diverse range of libraries available for assistance to programmers, the limitless compatibility with various different platforms, the open source community and the user- friendly structure of the data, Python proves to be reliable and easy to work on.

Considering all features of Python that brings it to the top, the multi paradigm assembly provides a diverse range of option to developers while also opening doors to the scope of application’s related to Python such as desktop, web, life support management, project management, automation scripts, natural language processing, staffing, recruiting and many more!