Retaining an Executive Search Firm is good for business

Executive Search Finding Candidates

You are seeking an experienced, reputable, dependable senior executive for your company. First of all, that candidate or even pool of candidates is already employed, it’s rare that you would find that caliber of employee unemployed; they are not actively searching for a new job – how could you reach them? You want someone that has lead a team, worked a project from start to finish and their subordinates love them – how could you reach them?

Finding Executive Talent

You could place an ad for the position, spend weeks syphoning through the copious resumes of the unqualified, settle for one or two candidates that are simply mediocre and interview them (more time wasted) and either make an offer to quickly fill the position or go back to the drawing board to find another round of candidates. Your company and your brand are worth more than mediocrity, your time is money, don’t waste it on a high level executive search, hire an Executive Search Firm like Avalon Staffing Solutions.

Executive Search Firms

Executive Search Firms have their finger on the pulse of, well, executives. They are well connected through employees as well as clients, they hear about moves, advances, layoffs and up-and-comers well before the public. Even if you have a niche position to fill, they are well acclimated to finding qualified, top-tier talent quickly and efficiently.

If you needed electrical work done within your home or your company, you wouldn’t do the work yourself, you would call an electrician, someone knowledgeable, with experience working on similar projects. The same holds true for seeking out executives for your company, hire a firm that is reputable, knowledgeable and has experience working on similar projects. Give Avalon Staffing Solutions a call and let them help you find your next senior level executive.

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