Take Reference Checking Seriously

Take Reference Checking Seriously

Hiring a new employee is costly, both on time and money. Ensuring you have the right candidate for the position for the first time, keeps your company moving forward.

1.) Inform all final candidates that you will be following up with references. The smart candidates will be sure to include the best references, others may simply bow out of the running for lack of people to speak positively on their behalf.

2.) Plan your questions carefully. Don’t just ask questions you can answer from their resume, here are some thorough questions you can ask to glean a little more insight into the candidate.

3.) Call references, no email necessary. Pick up the phone and spend some time with the reference getting to know the candidate better. This is an important step and should be done by you alone, is this person going to do well in your vacant position? Even more important, are they going to be a good fit for your team, work well with you? This extra time may seem pointless, however, this is vetting the candidates for your position. If you have to hire again within months because of bad placement, you are wasting time and money.

4.) Do social media checks on your candidate. This is a good time to double check information they have on LinkedIn and make sure it resembles the info they gave you on their resume. See if you and the candidate have any contacts in common and use this opportunity to gain further insight on this candidate from someone you know. Check their Facebook and Twitter accounts and see if this is someone you can see on your team.

In an effort to save time and money in the future, put in the time now and be sure that this is the best candidate for your company and your team.

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