Top programming positions with the highest pay

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New year, new resolutions? If you are in the IT field and you are looking for a new challenge or more pay, here are some of the top paid positions within the field.

Mobile Applications Developer ($50,000 – $115,000)

  • Android Platform: Core language is Java
  • iOS Platform: Core language is Objective C and Swift
  • Graphic and software design
  • Also an understanding of the lifecycle of software: design, develop, test, release, maintain
  • Understanding of Agile or Scrum
  • More than one programming language is helpful: SQL, Java, JavaScript, C# or C++, Python, iOS, PHP, Ruby etc.
  • UI design
  • Working with REST web services

Solutions Architect ($74,000 – 173,000)

  • Technical implementation for software project
  • Must be able to communicate technically and non-technically for all parties involved
  • Generally speaking you would translate function into design
  • Understanding of many technical disciplines within IT, years of experience really helps with this position, good problem solving abilities and communication to create the right solution, able to anticipate risk well and committed to ALWAYS learning (technology changes in a heart beat, you have to be ready and willing for change.)
  • Must be able to integrate various languages effectively and with third-party affiliates

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Developer ($50,000 – $115,000)

  • Since you are the data keeper, you should be able to manage reports, be able to work with others well, create “help” documents for customizations, able to review and problem solve code.
  • Should have a firm grasp on common languages like C+ or Java along with more specialized language relevant to the ERP system
  • Must know SQL
  • It is imperative to know Oracle or SAP along with integration technologies like SOAP

Lead Applications Developer ($70,000 – $150,000)

  • You are working with the company leaders to translate, create and implement corporate ideas into effective technology – you must have superb communication skills and a highly technical background
  • Must have managerial skills and proven success as a leader to motivate your team to create and implement the end result
  • You should have experience working with Visual Basic .NET, PHP, C++ and Microsoft .NET
  • Strong background in applications programming

If you are interested in learning more about these available positions or want to talk with someone about venturing into one of these careers, contact Avalon Staffing Solutions.

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