How to Effectively Use Social Media to Recruit Top Talent

Facebook, LinkedIn, you’ve heard of them, you’ve used them but have you had the opportunity to use them effectively to target top talent?

Here are some strategies to use social media to attract your next employee.

Create a social media strategy: every great plan begins with a brilliant strategy. Create a game plan on how to use your time wisely and get the greatest results. Where are you going to focus your energies? What do you hope to accomplish by targeting these websites? Are there additional benefits in creating a consistent online presence within these media outlets? Answer these questions and put a plan in place so that you avoid wasting three hours a day sucked into Facebook or Twitter. Go in, accomplish your daily social media tasks and move on with your day.

Know what you know and let others know it: create discussions and participate as a point of reference on a topic or subject that is HIGHLY relevant to your business or to you personally. Create forums for discussion that will draw readers/participants into the conversation and create a community based around the topic. Be vocal, be active, be relevant. This will create a discussion with like-minded individuals who may, in time, be looking for new employment.

Have a strong social presence: keep your social media posts fresh and original. Discuss things that are making a difference within your company, proud moments with your employees and topics that are relevant to your product. This is an opportunity to organically attract a young and socially active demographic that may hear about your company and take interest in your job openings. Social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging from your corporate website, done well, will attract attention from the coveted and elusive candidates.

This process will take time and it will either need solid time dedication in an effort to attract future employees or you could hire a recruiter to help with the heavy lifting. The marketing side of your company presence on social media is still necessary, however, an effort to do it all to attract new employees will put added responsibility onto your plate, which we all know is already terribly full. The best advice is to weigh your options and create a strategy that still allows you to accomplish important daily tasks and have a social life as well.