What a staffing agency can do for your company

Every person within your company has a title that indicates what they do: lawyers keep you legal, accountants, well, they keep you legal but they also crunch your numbers, IT keeps your servers running and your computers functioning. What about a staffing agency, what can they do for you? They can find you people, that’s their business, attracting, finding, placing, people.

A reputable staffing agency can find you people, but not just any people, they will work with you to create a job description that will meet your needs and attract top candidates to apply all while working their connections to find you the best talent for the position. Sometimes their connections take them to potential candidates that are not actively seeking a new job, hidden connections that only recruiters in the people business would know.

The daily to-do lists are long, especially if you are working short staffed because of vacancies. When the call for applicants opens up, you will find yourself inundated with every kind of candidate, over qualified, severely under qualified, meh candidates and the needle in the haystack, the perfect candidate. Your staffing agency can quickly and easily siphon through the enormous response and begin the interview process, allowing you to focus on your ever-growing to-do list.

If seasonal or contract hires are more of what bogs down your HR department, a staffing agency is the perfect solution. Recruiters are in the people business to work their contacts and find contract or seasonal talent to fill your temp vacancies.

Avalon Staffing Solutions can help place talent for all of your staffing needs, contract, contract-to-hire, temporary and direct hire. Solving our clients staffing problems, creating unique ways to attract top talent for our clients are why we are in the people business. Let’s work together to solve your staffing needs.