Are You Working with a Top-Notch Recruiter?

A good job recruiter does their research before reaching out to you.

A good job recruiter does their research before reaching out to you.

When you are working with an exceptional recruiter, you feel you are working with an advocate for YOU – they have your best interests in the forefront. A good recruiter is not only a people-person; the really good ones are relationship builders.

Here are some traits to look for in a good recruiter:

  • A good recruiter does their research before reaching out to you. They know all about your skill sets, your strengths, experience and when they contact you, they want to talk about YOU; your passions, your vision and where you’d like to take your career, because a good recruiter understands the importance of personalization.
  • Highly talented recruiters understand tenacity and diligence without coming across as pestering. The job their client has available may not be a good fit for you at this time, however, in a few months, something else may come along. Genuinely keeping in touch with you is important and, although they know you may currently be employed, with the right job and the right offer, there’s a high chance you may be interested in the future.
  • When good recruiters think ahead and keep an open mind, it benefits all players involved: client, employee and their relationship with both; it’s a skill set that can best be summed up as, they play well with others. There are many people involved in the hiring process and stakes are sometimes high; keeping a cool head, anticipating challenges, stepping up to the plate with solid recommendations and the ability to fully work through a negotiation are just some of the many qualities that constitute a great recruiter.
  • Sometimes deals go south through no fault and a great recruiter takes inventory of the situation and learns how to be better in the future. Self-improvement in this field is ever changing and necessary; working with someone that strives to be better every time, is reassuring.
  • In the end, you want someone that is a good listener, honest, respectable, discrete and knowledgeable. Set your standards high, you deserve the best representation.

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