Leverage Employer Branding To Attract Top Talent

The term brand identity is often associated with ads and direct to consumer marketing, however a strong brand identity is also important for attracting top talent.   Strong employer branding helps you attract top talent for less and convinces people to stay on at your company for longer. Employer branding is a significant tool in […]

Scale AND Control Labor Costs with “SOW”

Statement Of Work A Statement of Work or “SOW” is a formal document used in project management practices to broadly describe scope of work to be completed on a given project, the responsibilities of involved participants, and expectations regarding execution within the project. It’s a routinely used tool for the management of vendors, freelance, and contract […]

What is a Scrum Master and Why You Need One

A Scrum Master is a professional who leads a team using Agile project management through the course of a project. A Scrum Master facilitates all the communication and collaboration between leadership and team players to ensure a successful outcome.  What Is Scrum? Scrum is an Agile framework for developing complex projects, most often software. The Agile project […]

Recruitment Marketing To Attract Top Applicants

In our recent blogs, we have looked at strategies for attracting top talent. Improving the candidate experience and company culture are two pinnacles for attracting and retaining the best employees. Yet, you may be wondering, how do we effectively communicate our culture in a way that will reach potential candidates BEFORE the application process? Recruitment […]

Rapid Growth AND Cost Savings? That’s Staff Augmentation!

Are there projects you want to put into motion but don’t have the budget or headcount for additional full-time workers? Or perhaps you already have an exceptional group of employees and just need a few additional skills to support your project objectives. IT Avalon has you covered!

“Improve Candidate Experience To Attract Top Talent”

With the current worker’s market what can companies do to secure the best candidate? The number one priority for companies should be to build a better candidate experience. To better understand the optimal candidate experience we went to the frontline and asked our seasoned recruiters the following questions about candidate experience. 1. Are there any […]


As companies continue to work from home, here are a few tech tips to consider for remote workers!



Finding a full-time position can be difficult during a pandemic. Have you considered a temp or contact job? It might be the right fit for you!


Why The Stay-At-Home Economy Might Be Here To Stay

There are a number of reasons as to why the new stay-at-home economy will likely become a part of our new normal. Here are the reasons: https://www.wsj.com/articles/four-reasons-the-stay-at-home-economy-is-here-to-stay-11605934806