Company Culture? It’s Your Secret Sauce!

According to an Indeed survey, 72% of job seekers say it’s extremely or very important to see details about company culture in job descriptions.

What is company culture? It’s the heartbeat of an organization. It’s the vibe, the feels, and the secret sauce that makes a candidate want to come on board, and it makes existing employees want to stay.

A good company culture also has high:

  • Morale
  • Flexibility
  • Productivity
  • Motivation
  • Trust
  • Autonomy
  • Innovation
  • Engagement
  • Transparency
  • Diversity


Other trademarks of a good company culture include comfortable workspaces, flexibility in remote options, a transparent and accessible leadership team and genuine workplace friendships that make teams stronger.

The foundation of company culture is rooted in your mission statement and your values. At IT Avalon our core value is “Work Hard, Have Fun!” We live this core value by hiring people that are a cultural fit which translates to, is this someone I want to be friends with and spend time with? At our Reno headquarters, we have our office stacked with goodies and good-hearted comraderie throughout the day.

IT Avalon also regularly hosts events and employees are encouraged to bring their partners and family so that everyone feels connected to the good vibes created. The energy of management is the foundation and when abundance is shared with the entire team, everyone feels included and celebrated.

Even if large events aren’t in the budget, you can still create a positive company culture by making sure employees feel appreciated and valued. Regularly thanking employees for being a part of the team, letting them know that their contribution makes a difference, and caring about their life outside of work, are priceless strategies that help employees to feel good about the company.

Regardless of the size or budget available to boost company culture, creating a positive work space comes down to employees feeling valued and appreciated. Focus on making employees feel good about being at work and the culture will evolve.