Leverage Employer Branding To Attract Top Talent

The term brand identity is often associated with ads and direct to consumer marketing, however a strong brand identity is also important for attracting top talent.


Strong employer branding helps you attract top talent for less and convinces people to stay on at your company for longer. Employer branding is a significant tool in attracting not just permanent employees but valuable remote and flexible workforces amid stiff competition and challenging conditions.


What is employer branding? 


In simple terms, employer branding is knowing how best to communicate your company’s values and culture. Any organization can provide a list of benefits and perks they offer, but to translate into securing top talent, employer branding needs to show existing and potential employees that you practice what you preach. 


Communicate Your Employer Brand


A strong employer brand starts with the value you offer. What makes you stand out? Start by identifying your business needs and what kind of talent you need to recruit to achieve your goals. Then, use your company’s mission statement, values, and culture as a guide.  Share photos of the day-to-day office activity, company events and any philanthropic activities to clearly show that you indeed practice what you preach.


Monitor Your Employer Brand


All companies have an employer brand, so you need to proactively manage your reputation among both internal and potential employees. Send out surveys, see what people say on social media, and respond appropriately to any negative comments to show that you’re open to constructive feedback and working to make improvements. Besides negative comments, lack of company engagement can also be a potential red flag for future applicants. So, give your existing employees a voice, listen closely and respond.


Final Point


Here’s another point to note: pay is only one factor in employee satisfaction. People are attracted to meaningful work. They want to feel valued. And they’re making career moves accordingly. So showcase any socially meaningful or positive impact on the world and communicate how you’ll empower potential employees to live their best working lives. 


Employer branding efforts should be ongoing, holistic, and responsive to shifting trends. This is your best strategy to attract and retain the right people that align with your values and culture.