Five questions you should ask a staffing agency before hiring them

Attracting top talent is a time consuming, full time job. If you have the resources to do in house recruiting, you know that the struggle is real. If you are a start up or small shop, it’s not feasible. Working with a staffing agency is a cost effective and time/money saving option to attract, recruit and hire top talent for your vacancies (seasonal or permanent) or newly created positions. Here are some questions to ask a potential recruiter before hiring them.

1.) How many employees have you hired within my industry? You want an expert working for you, someone who has their finger on the pulse of your industry and may know top talent not actively seeking new employment.

2.) How large is your staff and what is your turnover rate? Since you can’t tour the office and ask questions of their staff, try to get a sense of the working environment. Learn how they treat their recruiters and in turn how the recruiters treat their clients.

3.) In your most recent feedback from a client, what were the positives and negatives and/or the score you received? You want to know how current and past clients feel about the agency’s track record. This may be a great time to ask if they can share a reference with you from either a current client or past client.

4.) How would your most recent employees rate you? Having to replace employees takes time and money regardless of who places them. Be sure your staffing agency ensures all parties are happy with their work.

5.) Do you feel your rates are higher, lower or on par with competitors in the area? Staffing agencies know you will shop around and work with an agency that makes the most sense for you and your business. Their honesty and candidness on this topic are important indicators of how smoothly things will flow in the future.

Avalon Staffing Solutions is dedicated to delivering top-notch talent the first time, every time to their clients. They strive to create relationships where both client and employee are happy.