“Improve Candidate Experience To Attract Top Talent”

With the current worker’s market what can companies do to secure the best candidate? The number one priority for companies should be to build a better candidate experience.

To better understand the optimal candidate experience we went to the frontline and asked our seasoned recruiters the following questions about candidate experience.

1. Are there any key features or processes that companies are using that candidates prefer or appreciate?

Candidates typically love an accurate and precise interview process with access to the names and positions of the people they are interviewing with.  Real candidates love to prep for interviews for an FTE position that will ultimately have an impact on their life path.

2. What is the one thing a company can do, aside from increase salary and benefits, that attracts top talent?

Establish a well-defined way to prove a positive company culture.  Many candidates prefer a wonderful culture “before” salary.

3. What hiring strategies would you recommend for a company looking to shine amongst all their competitors?

Provide direct and concise lines of communication for information and detailed feedback from the interview panel on their findings after “each” interview.  People desire to grow and learn. Additionally, people want to hear detailed information for several reasons, not just a rejection email from a recruiter.  By providing specific detailed information for any outcome, it sets a standard.  This standard allows people to become better and highlights a company in a positive way which will attract a higher quality candidate while unconsciously promoting a better culture.

IT Avalon Recruiters work with our Candidates to create a smooth, positive experience for Hiring Managers and Candidates alike. If you would like assistance in hiring high quality IT talent, please be in touch. We help companies attract the highest quality IT talent!


A big thank you to Tim Warren, IT Avalon Technical Recruiter, for his frontline insight into optimizing candidate experience!