Non-tech jobs in a start-up environment

With so many tech jobs on the horizon, and talk surrounding all emerging technologies, little attention is paid to the non-tech jobs necessary in a start up or the creation of a new department. You won’t need a crash course of Ruby or even a few semesters of Java when you can bring to the table other skills like sales or HR. Here are some opportunities that don’t require a coding skill set.

Sales and Customer Support
The engineers are designing things, however, those things need to be sold and distributed and then the customers need support. These positions can be bountiful depending upon the start up and the location. These positions may also require travel depending upon the products your selling and servicing.

PR/Marketing/Community Engagement
The new products need to be marketed and sales pieces need to be designed. Knowledge about your company, products and work environment need to be shared within the community to attract new employees and generate business leads. These positions involve little travel and are rarely remote.

Business Development
The role of this department is to take ideas and bring other companies into the fold to make your products even more amazing. It involves creativity and the ability to work well with others and of course successfully selling your ideas. Many hats are involved and you have to think quickly on your toes.

Product Management
You are assigned a product and it is your responsibility to have design, engineering and sometimes finance work together, on budget and deadline to get it completed. These positions require exceptional organization and someone with great communication skills.

This department is important for onboarding new employees and attracting new talent to the company as well as filling needs on a contract basis or full time. To keep the company legal, it’s important to have your finger on the pulse of latest trends and laws involving employment in your state.

As you can see, you don’t need to know what a command line is to get a job at a start up, you just need to know where to look. Avalon Staffing Solutions has opportunities for non-tech jobs at start-ups, contact us today to get started.