Rapid Growth AND Cost Savings? That’s Staff Augmentation!

With an ever-competitive economy and a shortage of IT talent, businesses are increasingly looking for alternatives to traditional IT staffing, as a means to save on cost while quickly ramping up based on project needs. In this aspect, staff augmentation is one of the most frequently assessed options for IT Staffing.

Staff augmentation is simply about temporarily hiring an expert resource to supplement the in-house team for a specific project. The key takeaway here includes: “temporary” and “expert” which means that the staff isn’t a permanent team member and thus not eligible for any medical or other compensation other than the pay package agreed upon. Since the staff hired is an expert resource it also means that the company doesn’t have to waste time and money training the staff, rather they will have the experience and expertise required to complete the project right away. (Folio3, Mar 2020)

The Benefits Of Staff Augmentation

·         Staffing a specialized set of skills- Fill gaps on your project team with individuals who specialize in exactly what you’re looking for!

·         Meeting Aggressive Timelines-More hands on deck means you can get to the finish line sooner than expected.

·         Gaining Internal Approvals-Your employees will be more accepting of staff augmented additions to the team than complete project outsourcing.

If this sounds like a good option for your IT Staffing needs, this is how to move forward: Evaluate your current staff to determine what gaps need to be filled and let us do the rest! Our Staff Augmentation Services provide you with the right individuals based on your specific project criteria.