Scale AND Control Labor Costs with “SOW”

Statement Of Work

A Statement of Work or “SOW” is a formal document used in project management practices to broadly describe scope of work to be completed on a given project, the responsibilities of involved participants, and expectations regarding execution within the project. It’s a routinely used tool for the management of vendors, freelance, and contract labor engaged to work on a project. 

SOW is a term utilized by contingent workforce managers to not only describe documents capturing the work products and services, including work activities and deliverables to be supplied under a contract or as part of a project timeline—but also a service that enables the governance and outsourcing of finite projects to a team on non-employee workers.

Benefits Of Hiring SOW Employees Include

  • Single Project Flexibility
  • Highly Skilled Professionals In Specific Disciplines
  • Fixed Payment/Cost
  • Little To No Supervision
  • No Strings Attached Relationship

The broad and general benefit of engaging a SOW project workforce is the ability to outsource the management of day-to-day functions of the SOW team and to receive a completed deliverable at a fixed cost without the burden of managing resources and administering benefits.  In addition to the benefits detailed above, those organizations leveraging SOW project labor can expect:

  • Access to highly skilled professionals for a single project, effectively circumventing the dreaded skills gap;
  • Increased control over rising labor costs, especially costs associated with healthcare and other benefits required for FTEs;
  • Predictability in budget development and management; SOW workers are commonly paid out of a project’s overall budget;
  • Stability derived from a fixed price to deliver a result as opposed to variable prices commonly associated with labor;
  • Exceptional scalability and the ability to ramp workforces up or down quickly in the face of changing market environments.

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