By definition, a legacy is defined as a “gift or a bequest, that is handed down, endowed or conveyed from one person to another.” The definition may be further evolved to say that a legacy is “something descendible one comes into possession of that is transmitted, inherited, or received from a predecessor.” Founders of the Shirley Ann Foundation, John and Carisa Zink, explain that it is only because of their mothers’ legacy was the Shirley Ann Foundation brought to life.

What is the Shirley Ann Foundation?

Shirley Ann Foundation- Shirley and Ann

Ann and Shirley

The Shirley Ann Foundation is a non-profit fundraising organization born from the desire of honoring the mothers of founders Carisa and John Zink. The mission is to provide resources to women and children in the community who are fighting for a second chance. The Shirley Ann Foundation is touted to be a cornerstone for mothers in the Bay Area who are working to rebuild their lives after struggling with addiction, surviving abuse, or working to overcome homelessness. Funding provided through the non-profit organization is used to help women and their children create a successful future that might not otherwise be available

Who Does the Shirley Ann Foundation Help?

In it’s nascent state, the Shirley Ann Foundation is working tirelessly to earn funding to support other existing non-profit organizations that support woman and children striving to rise from the confines of addiction, abuse, and homelessness. This year, the Shirley Ann Foundation is partnering with Shepherd’s Gate. The programs at Shepherd’s Gate and the community commitment of the organization answer directly to the mission at the Shirley Ann Foundation.

Shepherd’s Gate, located in both Brentwood and Livermore, is a live-in facility where women and their children can obtain access to the resources they need to rebuild a healthy life. Both Livermore and Brentwood locations provide a home-like refuge where women and their children are provided safe housing, counseling referrals, and recovery classes. Shepherd’s Gate also offers education assistance, job and life-skills classes and parenting classes. Women living at Shepard’s Gate also have access to a 12-18 month, 12-step course, health classes and counseling referrals to overcome addiction. What cannot be overlooked, or under-celebrated is the 80% success rate women who are residents of Shepard’s Gate tout.

The Founder’s Mission

The Shirley Ann Foundation is one that was built out of revere and pure gratitude. Both Carisa and John recognize the sacrifices their mothers made while they were young that has allowed them the opportunity to truly live a beautiful life. The Zink’s share a story of being raised by single moms who had to escape lives that were saturated in addiction, abuse, and chaos. And because of their mothers’ brave acts, Carisa and John understand their responsibility is to create a path for survival for other women and their children, just like their mothers had done for them.

John and Carisa Zink founded IT Avalon, a women-owned IT recruiting firm nearly 7 years ago. In growing their business, the commitment to founding a non-profit organization also grew. They shared the same understanding that their success was due, in part, to their strong mothers, and the generations of strong women that had brought them together. IT Avalon donates 5% of all net profits to the Shirley Ann Foundation annually, at each IT Avalon location. John and Carisa alongside IT Avalon believe giving back in honor of the brave and strong matriarchs of their family is the legacy they choose to leave to their family.

How Can You Help?

The Shirley Ann Foundation has many ways in which you can help. First, you are welcome to make a tax-deductible contribution to the Shirley Ann Foundation individually, or through your company. All monetary donations are moderated by a 7-person board of directors, where 90% of all donations go directly to the community programs and initiatives aimed at empowering women and children in the community and 10% being allocated to costs of business.
June 15th, 2019 is an important date for the Shirley Ann Foundation. It marks the Inaugural Shirley Ann Foundation Benefit Concert and Auction. The event will be hosted at the Blackhawk Auto Museum in Danville, CA. Tickets include a full 3-course dinner from the renowned Scott’s Seafood, entertainment starring the dynamic Breakfast Klub, and both a silent and live auction. How you support the benefit concert is unlimited. From purchasing event tickets to acting as an event sponsor, how you choose to support women and their children will culminate in a powerful gesture of compassion and commitment to community through the Shirley Ann Foundation.