Social media allows us to see so much of one’s life, Facebook/Twitter/Instagram allow us to see the personal, LinkedIn allows us to see the professional. If you snoop on someone using all those networks, you could paint a pretty accurate picture of someone, potentially your new boss.

Social media is a tool that should be used in the job search process, however, there are ways to properly use it and not abuse it.

  • No stalking allowed. Go ahead, look up your potential new boss and/or hiring manager on Facebook. Use that gained knowledge only for topics to discuss with them in the interview process. Don’t say, “I saw on Facebook that you have three kids”, that’s creepy. Keep any knowledge you gain for anecdotal conversation or to gain knowledge on where they stand on issues.
  • Snooping on LinkedIn is a little more delicate. When you apply to a company, chances are they will look up your profile on LinkedIn, you will be able to see that in your activity. However, they will be able to see if you looked them up as well. Here are some ways to keep your LinkedIn profile a little more confidential. Tips to Keep Your Privacy on LinkedIn
  • These are just a few recommendations on being politically correct while snooping. When in doubt, use your most professional and very best judgment. It would be most unfortunate if you scared away a potential job by simply snooping. In some states, it could land you in hot water too. More States Prohibit Social Media Snooping