The Profound Impact Of Giving Together

The IT Avalon Winter Round-up had a bit of bumpy start. With team members flying into Reno from all over the country, we had people stuck at various cities and airports which delayed our official kick-off. By 3 pm of our first day, we were finally all together and geared up for three intensive days to celebrate 2022 and plan for 2023. For our first evening event, Owners John and Carisa Zink gave us an opportunity to participate in the annual Washoe County “Shop With The Sheriff” at the WalMart in nearby Sparks. 

Something truly magical happened during our two hours of “Shop With The Sheriff”. We were each assigned one child and our job was to help them to select Christmas gifts for their family. As we bustled around WalMart trying to find all the items on our child’s list, we would see the rest of our team doing the same. Meeting up in various areas of the store while shopping with our kids, we were all giddy with delight and deeply touched by the experience.

Working together as a team is what we know and we do it well, which is why we have such happy clients. Working together as a team to give back to our community, took us to a new, deeper level as individuals and as a team. The experience not only put all of our personal lives in perspective, but gave us a new appreciation for each other. Seeing a team member smiling from ear to ear from the experience, was profound.

We talk a lot about company culture at IT Avalon. Owners John and Carisa Zink invest their time and money into experiences that deepen our relationships AND benefit our communities. Our collective experience at “Shop With The Sheriff” was next level human and immediately impacted our company culture. In 2023 the companies that rise will place company culture as a very top priority. Incorporating giving into that culture is next level leadership.