Technical interviews are tough, they aren’t fun for the interviewer and definitely not for the interviewee. There are some companies that pride themselves on a really tough interview process and the technical interview is brutal. Here are some ways to prepare and win over the interview.

1.) No matter how the technical side of the interview is presented, either whiteboard in front of peers, online test or creating a problem/solution scenario, there are a few main objectives they are looking to accomplish. 1.) Many programmers aren’t the most verbally articulate people, companies want to make sure that you can “play well with others” when faced with a group project. They want to see you communicate and problem solve in person…make sure you have the ability to communicate. 2.) This process will help weed out those that are lacking the skill sets they are looking for to fill this position. Although technical interviews are archaic, they are still prevalent because any other process or procedure to uncover desirable candidates has yet to be designed.

2.) There are ways that you can blow this technical interview before you can even present your project/test whatever they have set up for you. Many programmers have priorities that differ from others in mainstream society. 1.) Appearance. Make sure you are dressed appropriately from head to toe. No wrinkles, no beat up shoes, no holes in even your socks. 2.) Confidence not cockiness will win over your interviewer. Again, it goes back to communication. Talk about your skills and how you helped solve problems at you past jobs, have a discussion with your interviewer but leave the arrogance at the door. 3.) Many IT jobs have a variety of perks to attract desirable candidates. Don’t ask about the perks in your interview, it can be portrayed as all-about-me. Wait until the job has been offered and then ask a member of the hiring or recruiting team about perks.

3.) This article has some good points on how to fully prepare for your interview.–and-ace–the-technical-interview.html

Just remember, you don’t have the job until it is offered to you. Remain professional at all times during this process and remember they are trying to see if you are a good fit for the company and the position – you should be doing the same with them. Are they a good fit for your life and what you are looking for from an employer?