Tips for onboarding temporary, seasonal or contract employees

If your company finds itself in a position to need seasonal help or contract employees to successfully complete a project, here are some essential tips to ensure their onboarding is seamless and effective.

    Vet your temp employees as if they are full time candidates and treat them as such. Set clear guidelines regarding duration of employment and expectations of the position as well as the broad guidelines adhered to by full time employees such as workplace safety, HR compliance, and company specific procedures.

  • Do not ever lower your seasonal employee standards simply because they are temporary.
  • In training, provide only the knowledge they need to be successful, train on
    the specifics of their role/s. Consider that smaller roles equal simpler

    • Reinforce and continue throughout their contract term, training support for the positions. Remember, although they are temporary, they are a crucial element to the success of your season.
    • Be sure seasonal/temp employees are equipped with the same tools as full time employees.
    • Consider employing a buddy or mentor system in which a temp employee is matched with a full time employee within their department; that will ensure questions are answered quickly and missteps are corrected instantly.
  • Regarding all legal aspects, consider non-disclosure agreements for contract or seasonal help. It will ensure your company secrets remain. Also a noncompete clause to ensure they will not leave and go to competition with tools and resources from your company. Especially consider a non-solicitation clause that prohibits farming of your clients or customers and/or employees
    when their contract ends.
  • Lastly, utilize a staffing agency that can come to the rescue quickly and with top talent like Avalon Staffing Solutions.