What to Wear to an Interview

You’ve got the interview, now what to wear!

So your resume, networking and hard work has landed you the interview, now you have to look the part. Regardless of the job, my rule of thumb is to always dress up one step ahead of the interviewer/dress code of the company. The key is to look like this job is yours and you are their chosen one. While your clothes should be clean, shoes new or polished, and everything tucked in where it should be, regardless of gender, everyone should also be well groomed. This is, after all, your one and only opportunity to make an amazing first impression. Here are some tips and pointers for both sexes as you walk in to ace this interview:

Ladies: We’ve all heard of the mandatory “little black dress”, but when it comes to interviewing, we also need the mandatory “black pants”. Black pants are a crucial part of your interview wardrobe and can be worn dressed up with a suit coat or dressed down with an appropriate dress shirt or sweater. If you are a little strapped for cash, they can also be worn to multiple interviews with the same company simply accompanied by different tops. As for shoes, small to medium heels can be worn to keep it dressy, or flats to keep it casual. I’m not a huge fan of peek-a-boo toes in dress shoes to an interview and I don’t personally encourage it, however, if that’s what you really would like to wear, make sure your toenails are freshly painted. There is nothing more distasteful to me, than a woman whom I am interviewing that looks the part and has half chipped/worn away toenail polish visible. Your motto, when shopping for interview attire, should be conservative and most of all professional. No plunging necklines, no short skirts, no trying of a new fashion trend.

Men: I’ve always liked a man dressed in a suit, however, a huge faux pas is when it just doesn’t fit…too big or too small, there is nothing more sloppy than ill dressed, dressed up guy. If you are wearing a suit to an interview, make sure it is freshly cleaned and pressed, including the dress shirt and tie under the suit. Also important is that the tie is tied properly. http://www.wikihow.com/Tie-a-Tie Women accessorize with purses, jewelry etc., men can accessorize with tie clips, cufflinks and your padfolio. Don’t overdo it, simply make sure that everything blends well together. If you choose to accessorize, make sure that your yellow gold cufflinks, match your yellow gold tie clip which match your yellow gold watch and the same with silver. Lastly, the shoe/sock combo. The shoes must either be newer or freshly polished and the socks, well the socks can make a subtle statement.

The key for both genders is to not overdo it. You want to win them over and be memorable for your personality, charm, wit and talent. Your outfit is simply the opportunity to show them that you can competently play the part and help them feel at ease in hiring you.