An effective and efficient job description should be engaging and call to action qualified and talented candidates. A well written job description is the key to attracting a pool of fully qualified candidates to interview and sets the standards by which this candidate will be held at the time of hire and by their first review. Here are some ideas that may help you organize and prepare an effective and efficient job description:

1.) Begin with a clear and concise job title. Don’t try to be too flowery and cute. Use industry specific wording and a touch of your corporate flair. This is an example of a great job title and leading sentence with flair:
Job Title: Graphic Designer/Art Director
First two sentences: “Give us your whomp! We’re looking for a stellar designer to help push our creative, polish our thinking, and drink our coffee.”

2.) Create an accurate and exciting description of the job and the needs this position must meet. You want qualified candidates to be enticed and excited about your company and motivated to apply and thrive within your organization. Discuss their responsibilities, how those responsibilities will be met and how this job interacts with other employees within the company such as co-workers, managers and supervisors. (Your description of the position will give the candidate a glimpse of hierarchy within the company and allow them to see any personal upward mobility in the future.)

3.) Job qualifications are huge and must be said with clarity and confidence. This section is key for the candidate to be qualified for hire, accurately reviewed and given the opportunity for career advancements. Phrase statements in a way that allow the door to be open for some candidates that may not be fully qualified. Such as, you are looking for a candidate with +5 years of Java experience, however if you phrase it explaining how they will use Java in a certain way, that may allow candidates that have the technical background just not the full tenure to apply.

4.) The candidate feels they are qualified for the position, however, what will incite them to apply for your job? The culture of the company is a key component in applicants throwing their hat in the ring. Expound upon perks, bonuses, benefits like on-site gym, flexibility to work from home, summer hours, casual work environment, free food/beverages, company outings, sabbaticals etc. Brag about some of the things your company does for employees, make them WANT to work for you.

5.) Details, details, details. You must spell check, grammar check and have a few pairs of eyes read over this description. This is a representation of your company, spelling and grammar errors make you look unprofessional, sloppy and honestly, not a place thriving professionals would want to work. It’s hard to respect a supervisor that confuses “their”, “there” and “they’re” within the job description.

Begin this process with a list, use present tense verbs, enticing verbiage and conclude with a call to action. Have some of the candidates potential co-workers look over the description and make any changes throw your bait and start fishing for candidates.