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We are connected to a rich network of companies with hiring, temp, and contractor needs. They engage IT Avalon because of our differentiation – the ability to find top-tier IT and R&D talent, assess skills matches, and place them quickly, including unique roles with difficult-to-find skillsets. These companies range in size from various industries, such as large enterprises to fast-growing startups in financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and technology sectors.

We are experienced

Our recruiters average 14 years experience. They are career recruiters, not junior journeymen who depart during a hiring process for new jobs or career changes. Our experience translates to consultative partners who streamline hiring processes, scrutinize cultural fits, and communicate effectively every step of the way.

We are precise and efficient

We average 1.7 candidates for every closed hire. This shatters industry averages of 8 to 10 candidates for every closed hire. We do not waste your time by praying and spraying candidates like other recruiters. We focus much more on qualitative matching, identifying opportunities based on your soft skills and personality as much as your hard skills and past experience.

We ensure a cultural fit

We partner with you to understand your career ambition, hard skills, soft skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Although hard skills are fundamentally important, we broker your candidacy with potential hiring managers by focusing heavily on soft skills as well. We want to ensure that you thrive amid management styles, team dynamics, and corporate cultures.

IT Avalon takes a fresh, unique approach to recruiting talent that enables our business with greater speed and impact. They don’t wing it. They have an actual methodology that streamlines recruiting processes to materially impact our business weeks or months faster than other agencies. Their knack for closing hard-to-fill roles, candidate quality, and hiring speed boost our operational scale and productivity. They are much more than a tactical recruiting outfit. They are consultative business partners.
Steve Salaets

CIO & EVP, Rimini Street

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Direct Hires

We excel in delivering premium top-notch talent, even for roles with hard-to-find skills. Our methodology puts us in a unique position to find and place premium talent.
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