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One Strategy, Multiple Solutions

Whether you are filling a key role or evolving entire organizations, we take a holistic view of your workforce needs. We triangulate your needs for full-time employees, contractors, and contract-to-hires as one human capital strategy. Our methodology applies to all hire types, giving us the flexibility to partner with you as your business and organizations grow over time.

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We treat contractors like first-class citizens – in other words, like employees – which attracts top-tier (not any-tier) talent for your projects.
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Direct Hires

We excel in delivering premium top-notch talent, even for roles with hard-to-find skills. Our methodology puts us in a unique position to find and place premium talent.
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We are connected to a rich network of companies in a variety of industries that all have full-time hiring and contractor needs.
Our Approach

Our Approach

Our Proven Methodology For Acquiring Top-tier Talent

Experience the most rapid placement in the industry from our precise talent sourcing, hiring, and onboarding process

To me, it’s always about relationships. IT Avalon and I share the same cultural values – trust, character, competency, reliability, and sharing in each other’s success. While IT Avalon has been a trusted partner of mine for years, they also have legitimate relationships with top-flight candidates because of these same shared values. Their values form a solid foundation to distinguish themselves from other agencies. It’s why I turn to IT Avalon whenever I need a hard-to-find candidate for a critical role.

John Manzanares

CIO, CuraLeaf