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On October 14, 1947, U.S. Air Force Captain Chuck Yeager became the first human to fly faster than the speed of sound. He shattered previous beliefs of what was possible. While not as dramatic or sound-breaking, IT Avalon’s spirit is similar and ground-breaking. We shatter industry speed records on closing hires by the number of candidates we put forth to fill a job opening – only 1.7, compared to the industry’s average of 8. That’s more than 4x, or 80%, greater efficiency. We create a new standard of ROI excellence unseen in recruiting.

What does that mean for you? Expect more. IT Avalon started because recruiting agencies fall short. They are indistinguishable cookie cutter collectives of junior admins who require hand-holding, waste client time with unnecessary candidate interviews, and bolt midstream for new jobs or career changes, leaving clients in limbo. They are commodities that lack innovation.

Enter IT Avalon. We counter the recruiting industry’s shortcomings. Our founders are lifelong recruiters who only hire career recruiters. We focus on top talent, not any talent. We are surgical in matching candidates to hiring managers, focusing on soft-skill alignment more than other agencies. We attract top contracting talent by offering benefits. We specialize in finding talent for hard-to-fill roles.

Avalon means utopia. Heaven. Only here, it’s a realization, not a dream. Our value is clear: Quality top-tier hiring at a speed 4x faster than other agencies. While we reset the bar on what you should expect from recruiting agencies, you save weeks to months of opex on hiring while new hires reinforce your business sooner. The business outcome? Faster productivity impact, which translates to faster material impact on your top line growth and bottom line cost efficiency. It’s all within reach. Utopia is real. Welcome to IT Avalon.

Our Differentiation

Proven Pros:
No Journeyman Recruiters

  • We hire premium recruiters who are career practitioners
  • Maturity, experience give you resourceful, consultative partners
  • No junior admins who require extra hand-holding
  • No junior recruiters churning during your hiring process

Premium Talent:
Top-tier, Not Any-tier

  • Our methodology distills top-tier talent, ensuring productive tenures
  • No pray-and-spray sourcing, unnecessary interviews 
  • Our longevity enables a top-tier talent database amassed over decades
  • We offer benefits to contractors, attracting the best of the best for your projects

Chemistry Test:
Talent Assessment

  • We offload match assessment responsibility from clients, candidates
  • No blind, lazy, transactional candidate-client matching
  • We scrutinize soft skills as much or more than hard skills
  • We map candidate to client personality, managerial style, corporate culture

Our Innovative Leaders

John Zink

John Zink


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Chris Wadle

Chris Wadle

VP of Delivery

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