Q&A with Tammy Miller, Global Director of IT at Elkay Interior Systems

We had the incredible opportunity to speak with Tammy Miller, a talented and intelligent woman in IT.  Not only is Tammy the  Global Director of IT of Elkay Interior Systems, but she now has her law degree. What a huge accomplishment.  She graduated from Purdue University Global with an Executive Juris Doctorate degree. Tammy was […]

The Most Important Take-Away

Published By LinkedIn Group: Sales Management Executives You don’t need to spend much time on social platforms, or reading/watching the news, to know that business owners are challenged on multiple levels to grow revenue. From rapidly changing technology to quiet quitting, and let’s not even mention the economic uncertainty that persists despite numbers to challenge […]

Technology talent and recruitment outlook for 2023

With all the doom and gloom we wanted to share this fantastic breakdown of what’s REALLY going on with technology talent and recruitment! Enjoy and thank you to Andy Heyes, Rhona Carmichael, and Harvey Nash for the insight (Full article at https://www.computerweekly.com/opinion/Whats-the-technology-talent-and-recruitment-outlook-for-2023).  As 2023 gets underway, the economic outlook remains challenging, with inflation and costs running high […]

Google’s Bard AI: Fierce ChatGPT Competitor or Barred?

AI and Chatbots have quickly become integrated into and function as primary channels of communication across all verticals. OpenAI’s ChatCPT, a Microsoft backed product, has taken the business world by storm with 100 million users as of January 2023. On Monday, Google announced its AI chatbot Bard — a rival to OpenAI’s ChatGPT that’s due to become […]

Labor IQ Announces Head-Scratching Job Gains in January. Labor Market Remains HOT!

With excitement we are sharing LaborIQ’s National Market Report & Outlook for January 2023. Link to full repot below. The economy added an unexpected 517,000 jobs in January, completely smashing economists’ expectations of 187,000. January’s job gains are puzzling given the headlines and expectations of a slowdown in hiring. Not only is this well-above recent […]

Is Your IT Department Overworked?

In a recent LinkedIn poll by IT Avalon asking “Is Your IT Department Overworked”, 47% of voters selected “Yes we’re maxed out” while 38% selected “We’re Managing Ok For Now”. Only 16% of respondents said “No, We Have Ample Resources”. Participants in the poll are CIO’s, Senior IT Directors and Managers, Developers and Software Engineers. […]

3 Reasons Why A Smaller IT Staffing Agency Is Your Best-Bet In A Downturn

In this time when budgets are tight, but your IT team needs to fill positions and complete projects and initiatives on time, it’s important to choose your staffing agency wisely. Sure the big ones that come first to mind have brand power and a bigger digital footprint, but smaller staffing agencies are ideal in this […]