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Talent Beyond the Text

We specialize in delivering premium top-notch talent to our clients, even for roles with hard-to-find skill sets. Our methodology puts us in a unique position to find and place premium talent. Here’s How:

We choose experience, not junior recruiters

Our recruiters are career veterans who have deep networks and run efficient hiring processes. They average 14 years of experience. Their expertise and maturity make them great consultative partners who know how to communicate effectively with clients and candidates, driving time and cost efficiencies for all parties. You will not be disrupted by junior journeyman recruiters departing for new careers and leaving your search in limbo.

Our database of top-tier talent and openings is substantive

Our longevity as recruiters pays off in many ways, including a rich database of talent that has been growing for years. While all agencies have some size of contact database, ours is filled with premier talent based on our top-tier recruiting methodology. By focusing on proven talent and in-depth assessment of soft skills, we are able to drive groundbreaking efficiency by averaging only 1.7 candidates per hire.

We offload match-making assessments

Too many candidates lack help in distilling their fit with a manager, team, and corporate culture. Too many hiring managers lack a third-party assessment of a candidate’s skills outside of interviews. We conduct deep interviews with clients and candidates to understand their personalities so we can ensure proper fit at all levels – hard skills, soft skills, team culture, and corporate culture.

AI & Humans, not one or the other

We leverage proprietary AI technology called Human in the Loop to recruit top-tier candidates more quickly than traditional manual sourcing and search processes. We believe combining the strengths of AI and human expertise provide the best formula for solving your talent needs.

To me, it’s always about relationships. IT Avalon and I share the same cultural values – trust, character, competency, reliability, and sharing in each other’s success. While IT Avalon has been a trusted partner of mine for years, they also have legitimate relationships with top-flight candidates because of these same shared values. Their values form a solid foundation to distinguish themselves from other agencies. It’s why I turn to IT Avalon whenever I need a hard-to-find candidate for a critical role.
John Manzanares

CIO, CuraLeaf

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We excel in delivering premium top-notch talent, even for roles with hard-to-find skills. Our methodology puts us in a unique position to find and place premium talent.
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