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Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation
(Contracted Staff)

Are there ideas you want to put into motion but don’t have the budget or headcount for additional full-time workers? Or perhaps you already have an exceptional group of employees and just need a few additional skills to support your project objectives. IT Avalon has you covered!

Just evaluate your current staff to determine what gaps need to be filled and let us do the rest! Our staff augmentation services provide you with the right individuals based on your specific project criteria.

The benefits of staff augmentation include:

  • Staffing a specialized set of skills: fill any gaps on your project team with individuals who specialize in exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Meeting aggressive timelines: more hands on deck means you can get to the finish line sooner than expected.
  • Gaining internal approvals: your employees will be more accepting of staff augmented additions to the team than complete project outsourcing.


In a contract-to-hire arrangement an individual is contracted for a set period of time or project duration with the opportunity to join the company full-time when the contract ends. Contract-to-hire is an ideal option for businesses looking to complete a project or evaluate a position while simultaneously assessing the individual’s performance and fit for full-time employment. The duration of contract-to-hire positions are typically three months to one year but it’s not uncommon for them to range from one month to indefinitely.

Let us find the right person for the job! IT Avalon provides contract-to-hire candidates for IT infrastructure, project management, software engineering, and data management.


(Employer of Record)

A lot of financial and administrative work goes into hiring an employee, as pay-roll related functions include hours and recordkeeping, tax withholding, and unemployment insurance. These efforts are multiplied tenfold when looking to fill positions with contractors. IT Avalon will handle all of the financial and administrative functions for your newly contracted hires with the same care and respect as your internal human resources or finance departments.

Statement of Work
(Professional Services)

Those who have worked with contractors for short-term or one-off projects are familiar with a statement of work (SOW), a document describing the project’s requirements, deliverables, milestones, timelines, payment terms, and conditions. SOW employees are hired on a per project basis and are only paid for the finished product (the total cost is not to be altered by the amount of hours spent or materials used in completing the project).

Benefits of hiring SOW employees include:

  • Single project flexibility
  • Highly skilled professionals in specific disciplines
  • Fixed payment/cost
  • Little to no supervision
  • No strings attached relationship

Let IT Avalon’s statement of work services develop a process and criteria for ensuring that SOW contracts are thorough, cost-effective, and executed.

Professional Services
Direct Hire Permanent Placement

Direct Hire
(Permanent Placement)

Finding the right employees for your business goes beyond matching a resume to a position’s keywords. All too often, employers find out too late that the person who checks off all the right boxes on paper isn’t always the best fit for the job.

Stop wasting time sifting through resumes or spending your afternoon on discovery calls that lead to dead ends. IT Avalon takes the time to talk and listen to the actual hiring managers to ensure that only the best candidates are presented for consideration. Our team goes beyond the job description to quickly find and place direct hire, full-time employees that are the right fit, the first time, every time.

Consider us an extension of your team because we’re not happy unless you’re satisfied.