Recruiter Spotlight: Ariel Scurry

Employee Spotlight
by Harjyot Dhanjal
by Harjyot Dhanjal

Ariel is a force to be reckoned with, she has an undoubted sense of self. Her presence is known, and she
masters anything life throws at her, one of them being a recruiter.

Ariel grew up in a small town called Safford, Arizona. She loves spending her time with family, and she’ll
agree that she’s a homebody. Her passions are being a mother to her kids, cooking, and reading a good
mystery book at the end of the day.

After her career in the service industry, she craved a job that fulfilled her. Ariel stepped into recruiting
for 9 years before having kids. After taking a much-needed break to raise her kids, Ariel was ready to
make her return stronger than ever. She wanted to prove to herself that she was the hard worker she
knew herself to be. Her first year back, she won the BOOM AWARD. If this isn’t a comeback, I don’t
know what is!

Ariel loves helping individuals find careers and support their families all while creating new relationships.
Along her journey, she built friendships and became a part of her candidate's lives.

Ariel believes her superpower is rapport-building, which is highly important in recruiting. It’s immensely
helpful in staffing because it allows you to build relationships with the person you are working with. It
also helps build trust, importantly. That’s one of the keys to her success. She brings her own flavor to
the industry, and she’s not afraid of failing.

Her advice to all recruiters out there is, “buckle up” as she laughs. “It’s a lot of work, but a huge reward.”
Another key to her success is being at IT Avalon. She appreciates the collaboration, and freedom to
blossom- no micro-managing. Having the support from our account executives makes her feel she’s set
up for success.

Here’s to Ariel who is a phenomenal recruiter, great mother, coworker, and an even better human.

by Harjyot Dhanjal

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