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by IT Avalon
by IT Avalon

You don’t need to spend much time on social platforms, or reading/watching the news, to know that business owners are challenged on multiple levels to grow revenue. From rapidly changing technology to quiet quitting, and let’s not even mention the economic uncertainty that persists despite numbers to challenge those fears. The one thing that remains clear is that the personal, human experience underlying our business interactions will always determine the ultimate brand experience. Create a great human experience with your company and your brand will grow.

The infograph shared by LinkedIn Group, Sales Management Executives, details the four most important factors that ultimately determine how customers feel about you and your company brand. The most sophisticated digital campaign and tools will only open the door. If you want to truly build a relationship that will withstand any economic fluctuations you must focus on the following four items:

  1. How You Make Them Feel: Are you genuinely focused on helping them to solve problems? If you genuinely care about solving your customer’s problems, and that care is evident in your actions, your words and how you deliver your service, your customers will TRUST you. A lack of consistency in genuinely caring about your customer is the reason why customers will seek new options for your service. Maintaining an awareness of your customers pain points and meeting them at each step with care and a helpful attitude, is top priority to retain customers and obtain referrals.
  2. The Time You Spend With Them: Even if your calendar is back to back with meetings and appointments, make sure your customers know that when they need you, you will make time for them. There is nothing more frustrating than when you have a pressing question and your point person has zero availability for a week. That week of waiting is when your customers will consider switching to a resource or service provider who is available and makes time for their concerns. Create open windows in your day to be available for when your customer cannot wait.
  3. IF You Kept Your Word: Your ultimate test is delivering on any promises made in those initial conversations. Don’t make promises you are not prepared to meet. Following up is critical whether they have any pressing needs or not. Most of the time, your customers are so busy that they might not make time to reach out. Checking in reminds them of any lingering concerns or questions and by checking in regularly, you help them to be more efficient in their job by making sure all questions continue to be answered and addressed before they become a problem.
  4. If They Could Count On You: When you and your customer encounter roadblocks, do you stay connected until the issue is resolved? You can promise to deliver but unless you actually do, your promises mean nothing. This final point in the client experience will determine if you retain your client and if they refer to you.

With the advent of AI, and all of the technology we utilize to obtain and grow our client base, the human experience is more important than ever. Marry your digital outreach and resources with caring, helpful and consistent follow-through and you will have the best of both worlds.

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by IT Avalon

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