Is Your IT Department Overworked?

by IT Avalon
by IT Avalon

In a recent LinkedIn poll by IT Avalon asking “Is Your IT Department Overworked”, 47% of voters selected “Yes we’re maxed out” while 38% selected “We’re Managing Ok For Now”. Only 16% of respondents said “No, We Have Ample Resources”. Participants in the poll are CIO’s, Senior IT Directors and Managers, Developers and Software Engineers.
As the market shifts, overburdened IT departments are struggling to meet the project demands with tighter budgets.
What is the solution for IT departments with a hiring freeze AND projects and initiatives that NEED more talent?

You’ve heard the term Staff Augmentation but do you understand all of the benefits of utilizing this strategy?
1. Quickly Fill Gaps On Your Project Team– By hiring contractors, you can easily fill any gaps with individuals who specialize in exactly what you’re looking for without the long-term commitment.
2. Save Time & Money– A lot of financial and administrative work goes into hiring an employee. If you work with an Employer of Record agency like IT Avalon, we handle all of the payroll related functions such as hours and recordkeeping, tax withholding and unemployment insurance. This saves time and money for your HR and Finance departments.
3. Bypass Internal Approvals– Your existing team will be more accepting of Staff Augmented Additions to your team than a permanent employee or complete project outsourcing.
4. You Have A Test Run– With minimal investment you basically get a test run of how this contractor works with your team and if they work well, you can offer the contractor a permanent position, under no obligation.
If you are struggling to meet deadlines for your projects and initiatives, let IT Avalon guide you through the process of Staff Augmentation. We provide the highest-level of talent with specialized skills to help you fill in any gaps for your IT Infrastructure, Project Management, Software Engineering and Data Management projects.

by IT Avalon

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