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We Go Beyond the Resume

We treat contractors like first-class citizens – in other words, like employees – which attracts top-tier (not any-tier) talent for your projects. Here’s how:

We offer medical benefits and 401K

This is simply not done in the industry. It is one way we stand out. Benefits include attracting the best contracting talent and accelerating hiring processes. When the best surface, it does not take long for hiring managers to realize top-notch skills and close quickly. Contractors are thrilled, too. Offloading benefits expenses makes them more motivated and energetic to succeed on projects.

We match based on soft skills, not just hard skills

We examine talent more holistically than other agencies. We go beyond resumes and LinkedIn. We dive into soft skills. We assess how candidates and clients will act in situations involving the project, team, and manager: Professionalism, exec moxie, consultation, influence, conflict management, leadership, managing up and sideways, communication, tact, diplomacy, emotional IQ, problem-solving, resourcefulness. This focus increases the candidate and client’s success rate, avoids unnecessary interviews, and results in our 1.7 candidates-to-hire metric.

AI & Humans, not one or the other

We leverage proprietary AI technology called Human in the Loop to recruit top-tier candidates more quickly than traditional manual sourcing and search processes. We believe combining the strengths of AI and human expertise provide the best formula for solving your talent needs.

Post-hire is as important as pre-hire

We are not a transactional agency that fills and runs. Our methodology includes multiple post-hire check-ins with client and candidate to ensure expectations and environment are as advertised, especially within the first 30-60-90 period. Our results speak for themselves. More than 95 percent of all placements result in project completion and customer satisfaction.

IT Avalon takes a fresh, unique approach to recruiting talent that enables our business with greater speed and impact. They don’t wing it. They have an actual methodology that streamlines recruiting processes to materially impact our business weeks or months faster than other agencies. Their knack for closing hard-to-fill roles, candidate quality, and hiring speed boost our operational scale and productivity. They are much more than a tactical recruiting outfit. They are consultative business partners.
Steve Salaets

CIO & EVP, Rimini Street

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Direct Hires

We excel in delivering premium top-notch talent, even for roles with hard-to-find skills. Our methodology puts us in a unique position to find and place premium talent.
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