Our Proven Methodology
For Acquiring Top-tier Talent

Experience the most rapid placement in the industry from our precise talent sourcing, hiring, and onboarding process

Aligning Talent With Your Vision

There is a reason why we have the fastest close rate of quality talent in the industry at 1.7 candidates per hire. Our methodology is proven. It speeds time to value and productivity for your business. It is surgical, focusing on top-tier talent that actually matches the job description, soft skill requirements, and corporate culture, avoiding considerable waste in time and opex for hiring managers. If you could hire a FTE or contractor 4x faster than other agencies, what would you do with that time and cost saved?


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Our experienced recruiters enable a consultative, efficient partnership that you can trust. We are proactive and problem-solve so you can divide and conquer on other important priorities.



We only source and distill top-tier talent. We rely on a decades-long database of successful candidates. Our recruiters know candidates personally, enabling them to carefully assess soft skills of candidate and client alike. We want to ensure cultural fit and a longer tenure.



We facilitate the entire hiring process. We leverage the benefits of consultative partnering and speed time to close by focusing on top-tier (vs. any-tier) talent sourcing and matching. We offload the burden of talent matching from both candidate and client and avoid wasting client time with unnecessary interviews.


to Every Hire



After hire, we do not run away. We partner with client and candidate to ensure the onboarding process occurs efficiently and painlessly. We broker both sides and enhance communication.



Unlike many agencies, we see the big picture. We focus on post-hire success as much as pre-hire. We check in regularly after a hire lands to ensure desired productivity. We check on the client-new hire relationship and ensure that trust is building. We counsel both sides to increase the likelihood of success.

We drive more than hiring. We drive the productivity of your business.

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We treat contractors like first-class citizens – in other words, like employees – which attracts top-tier (not any-tier) talent for your projects.
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Direct Hires

We excel in delivering premium top-notch talent, even for roles with hard-to-find skills. Our methodology puts us in a unique position to find and place premium talent.
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We are connected to a rich network of companies in a variety of industries that all have full-time hiring and contractor needs.
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